Relegation Down Under

Bei meiner Familie, genauer gesagt bei meiner Schwester, ist zur Zeit James aus Byron Bay an Ostküste Australiens, zu Gast. Sport- und fussballbegeistert hätte er gern ein Bundesligaspiel im Stadion gesehen, aber er ist nun leider genau in der Zeit da, in der die Bundesliga Sommerpause hat. Dachten wir. Denn dann kam die Relegation. Wir haben Ihn zum Rückspiel in den Ronhof mitgenommen, hier sind seine Eindrücke:

A crowd slowly gathered on the streets as it filled with Fuerth fans wearing green and white. There was tension in the air as was such and important game for the home team. Young or old there was no boundaries to age or passion for the team as the flags started waving and the march began. Hands raised in the air the chanting started as the large crowd made there way through the streets. The sound of empty bottle rolling between feet and the large crack of fireworks bellowing green smoke that fills the air. Never before have I felt so passionate about a team I barley new but with my Fuerth jersey I was at home within the restless crowd.
The police presence was there but the were not intimidating but rather friendly for such a large crowd of fans drinking in the streets. Windows of the buildings were filled with flags or people cheering for our team with more smiles than I have seen in days. As the parade moved into the stadium I mingled with fans eagerly awaiting the start of the game. I was in a section in the corner with fureth fans that had a great view back to the home fans behind the goal on far side and with the Hamburg fans on the other side of a large barrier to my right.

The game was intense as Fureth got off to a slow start as the Hamburg were not giving away the ball so easily making fureth earn every challenge. After the mounting pressure Hamburg was the first to score. The home crowd grew more vocal to lift the team and make it known that they are behind there team until the very end and we needed to lift. The game swong back and forth as both teams missed good chances. Hamburg rattled the post and Fuerth came alive. The game swong in Fuerths favor with the team making the most of there opportunities and slotted the ball into the net to even the score. I ripped of my jersey and swong it in air and screamed for another. Needing another goal to make it into the bundesliga for next year. We tried valiantly for last few minutes but ran out of time as minutes went by faster than ever. With our team playing with alll there hearts there was no bad feelings within our crowd. Made easier with an announcement of 1000 litres of free beer as the crowd made its way to the bar. I meet outside with fans and discussed the game as we polished off our free beer. This has been my first game but will not be my last. The whole day was filled with excitement and passion for KLEEBLATT leaving a lasting impression.

James lysaght

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